Spring is in the Air

March 6, 2011

Time with with two of my favorite teenagers. Both are talented as musicians and all around wonderful people.

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Atlanta School of Rock 80’s Show and Rush Show

February 8, 2011

Atlanta School of Rock pulled off yet two more weekends of Baby Rock Stars ! The instructors and youth do an amazing job working together to rock our face off.

I love being a part of this, everyone in the program is an extension of my family. I really do love being involved  and capturing the moments with still images.

I have the 80’s Show and Rush Show images up for purchase at the top right of my page !

Justin has been working to upload videos from the shows ! Here is the link to hear it all again…. http://www.youtube.com/user/atlantaschoolofrock

Please keep me in mind for any of your photography needs.


Atlanta School of Rock Grad School

January 8, 2011

Heading down to Vinyl in a few to enjoy the well rehearsed tunes of Atlanta up and coming parental and adult units performing on stage. Atlanta Cool Kids all grown up.  School of Rock has been offering this adult program for a few seasons now, and this is the first show that separates the grown up and coming Rock Stars from the Baby Rock Stars.

The Youth Shows are the last weekend of January and the first weekend of February.

Atlanta School of Rock has some amazing local musicians that help guide these new adult rockers into the bright lights. Stage presence and skill all come with time, and the time is now !


A month of Honky Tonk Extravaganza, Hosted by the Slim Chickens

January 7, 2011


Lisa and Brian

August 24, 2010

A couple months back, my dear friend Lisa was expecting. It was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy some country side and capture these special moments with my friends prior to the birth of Callie. I spent a couple hours with great people and got to share in the excitement. Lisa has 17 and 11 year old sons. This is really a blessing that she gets to do it all again.Thanks for letting me part of such a wonderful time in your lives.
Much Love and Many Blessings,

Kimmy Jo

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Rich Iannucci Meshes into a Beautiful Tone Called Burn

July 23, 2010

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Kent called me and said,  “We have a new keys dude, he is bad ass. Can you shoot him so I can blend  him into the group promo shots you did for us?” ” I will try,” was my reply. It was hotter than Georgia black top. I drove across town after doing my “regular” job, and met one of the most laid back, smell good peeps I have come across in a long time. It took an ole’ coyote to run us out of the woods.

I won’t even try and tell you what all he has been involved in, read for yourself and form your own ideas, and make your ears happy.



Slim Chickens

June 29, 2010

My son played out with Karma Lingo back a couple months ago at The Local in Marietta. Karma Lingo was the second band to play and I noticed these most interesting characters enter the place.  Cool wardrobe I thought to myself. Wonder what is up with this? These guys carried themselves in a very unique way that got my attention. Karma Lingo rocked the place. Time for help with my son Will on the drum set breakdown.. roadie Mom.

Then the lights went down again and my attention centered at the stage. The Evil Knievel meets Sgt Peppers look behind the drum set made me do a double take. Then the music started. What a stage presence ! Seriously, these guys ROCK ! You like to shake your ass and laugh while rocking out, this is the band for you 🙂

I popped a few shots, got home and was like ” Wow, these guys are photogenic.” Then I get a call from Rich, asking if I want to shoot them on their turf. How could I say no?

We had our moment in the sun, I left with my cf card full of fun, even in 100 degree heat, and I wasn’t even the one in long sleeves and polyester.


This borrowed from their myspace 🙂

About Slim Chickens

Slim & JT Chickens and Cousin have found themselves at the helm of quite the rock & roll extravaganza. It’s a late-night cowboy band – complete with them old guitars and brightlights. These boys love Exile on Main Street and Buck Owens – love songs with authentic spirit, hard to find rockstar garb, and causing laughter. Originally from Atlanta, Slim & JT and Cousin, crazy as it may sound, relocated the band to Malibu in 1997 upon signing with GRC Records and the release of their first record ‘Greatest Hits’. They’ve recently started ATD Records and completed their new record entitled ‘Tales of a Late Night Cowboy Band’. Slim Chickens… rockin’ stories about life, love, and the pursuit of as much as possible. A genre sometimes overlooked in today’s landscape of sleepy café or too loud and lacking melody, Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, and Gram Parsons influences run throughout Slim Chickens songwriting and performance. Think of Napa Valley rednecks, assuming you’re able. Some describe the music of Slim Chickens as emotion laden songs that girls like, without sacrificing the bravado that encompasses the rock & roll spirit. If you love great songs from the past 50 years, you’ll get where they’re coming from.http://www.myspace.com/slimchickenspage



Summer Fun for Local Youth Bands and Youth Solo performers “Land of 1000 Hills Coffee Shop”

June 4, 2010

Thanks to the Mark Itzkavitz and The Atlanta School of Rock, there shall be Rock this summer ! Catchphrase, which has the two young Itzkavitz’s performing and was one of the former School of Rock show bands, shall be melting your faces with some smooth classic rock tunes.

The stage will be open to youth from the ages of 8-18. Please email or call Mark to sign up…. mitzkavitz@att.net or 770-356-7540.

Land of 1000 Hills Coffee Shop is kind enough to open their space to such a great purpose.




Three Weekends of Baby Rock Stars !

May 22, 2010

Atlanta School of Rock is growing !


We have been involved since right after they opened their doors in Buckhead. Will really enjoys the program and has made some lifetime friends through it all.

The powers that be are kind enough to let your families share in my love of music photography. Will has been my muse since birth and these youth are our extended family. 🙂

It has been an incredible journey watching the program grow. Justin and Greg make sure to work hard and make things happen. The rest of the musicians give 125% as well, which is why the program is growing.

I have believed in this from the start. Will has been involved in numerous Atlanta Programs, but this is the best.


Kim Koch Photos

March 9, 2010

About Kim Koch Photos

Kim Koch has a love for visual art which was developed at a young age. Being pushed through the Smithsonian by her mother in the early days taught that art evokes emotion.

Always busy and asking questions, her Grandmother made available, oil paints, embroidery threads, clay, ceramics, and a giant loom to find a way to focus the extra energy. When with her it was a very structured energy, when with her parents the energy wasn’t structured, and  she wandered and learned most lessons the hard way. Over the years, self  trained in faux finishes as well as old furniture refinishing and restoring. Organizing and decorating comes natural and brings a unique vision to her set design.

She was the one that was handed the camera over the years. In 1991, took up shooting with a Canon Rebel G film camera. In 2006, was given her first DSLR Canon camera and it has been a whirlwind of learning from there.  The collection has grown, as well the desire.

Her son is the  favorite muse and plays music, which has inspired for many years to focus on music photography. Baby Rock Stars are the favorite ! The last couple of years have her going in all directions. Kim tends to lean towards documenting life as it goes by.

Published as both a photographer and a journalist, this journey really feeds her soul.

Kim has worked as a helper in local event photography and has been shooting weddings since film was the norm. She love’s shooting fashion, and was involved with a group up in Roswell, shooting clothing and accessories for Capricious, a very unique boutique.


 Zenfolio account for ordering quality prints :