Slim Chickens

June 29, 2010

My son played out with Karma Lingo back a couple months ago at The Local in Marietta. Karma Lingo was the second band to play and I noticed these most interesting characters enter the place.  Cool wardrobe I thought to myself. Wonder what is up with this? These guys carried themselves in a very unique way that got my attention. Karma Lingo rocked the place. Time for help with my son Will on the drum set breakdown.. roadie Mom.

Then the lights went down again and my attention centered at the stage. The Evil Knievel meets Sgt Peppers look behind the drum set made me do a double take. Then the music started. What a stage presence ! Seriously, these guys ROCK ! You like to shake your ass and laugh while rocking out, this is the band for you 🙂

I popped a few shots, got home and was like ” Wow, these guys are photogenic.” Then I get a call from Rich, asking if I want to shoot them on their turf. How could I say no?

We had our moment in the sun, I left with my cf card full of fun, even in 100 degree heat, and I wasn’t even the one in long sleeves and polyester.


This borrowed from their myspace 🙂

About Slim Chickens

Slim & JT Chickens and Cousin have found themselves at the helm of quite the rock & roll extravaganza. It’s a late-night cowboy band – complete with them old guitars and brightlights. These boys love Exile on Main Street and Buck Owens – love songs with authentic spirit, hard to find rockstar garb, and causing laughter. Originally from Atlanta, Slim & JT and Cousin, crazy as it may sound, relocated the band to Malibu in 1997 upon signing with GRC Records and the release of their first record ‘Greatest Hits’. They’ve recently started ATD Records and completed their new record entitled ‘Tales of a Late Night Cowboy Band’. Slim Chickens… rockin’ stories about life, love, and the pursuit of as much as possible. A genre sometimes overlooked in today’s landscape of sleepy café or too loud and lacking melody, Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, and Gram Parsons influences run throughout Slim Chickens songwriting and performance. Think of Napa Valley rednecks, assuming you’re able. Some describe the music of Slim Chickens as emotion laden songs that girls like, without sacrificing the bravado that encompasses the rock & roll spirit. If you love great songs from the past 50 years, you’ll get where they’re coming from.http://www.myspace.com/slimchickenspage


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