About Kim Koch Photos

Kim Koch’s love for visual art was developed at a young age. Being pushed through the Smithsonian by my mother in my early days taught me that art evokes emotion.

Always busy and asking questions, my grandmother gave me oil paints, embroidery threads, clay, ceramics, and a giant loom to find a way to focus my energy. When with her it was a very structured energy, when with my parents my energy wasn’t structured and I wandered and learned most lessons the hard way. Over the years I have trained myself in faux finishes as well as old furniture refinishing and restoring.

I was always the one that was handed the camera over the years. In 1991, I starting shooting with a Canon Rebel G film camera. In 2006, I was given my first DSLR Canon camera and it has been a whirlwind of learning from there. I have spent the last year gathering  things that I earn by shooting and have gathered a group of strobes and rent things when the occasion calls.The strobes are a new learning experience and I am looking forward to learning all the math formulas and experimenting with light.

My son is my favorite muse and plays music, which has inspired me for many years to focus on music photography. Baby Rock Stars are my favorite ! The last couple of years have me going in all directions. I tend to lean towards documenting life as it goes by.

I have been published as both a photographer and a writer for a small time with a local web zine. I also have work that has been displayed in the Castleberry Hill Area, thanks to being involved in a couple shows with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Elliott Street Pub, and Atlanta Photography Guild.

I have worked as a helper in local event photography and even shot a wedding or two. I love shooting fashion and have been involved with a group up in Roswell, shooting clothing and accessories for Capricious. I have dabbled in sports and am open minded to whatever may come along.


Kim Koch

 Zenfolio account for ordering prints : http://kimkochphotos.zenfolio.com/

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